Townhouse Board Members

    President              Ken Wilson / 

   Vice President    Jim Gaskell /   

   Secretary           Victoria Alcorta /

   Treasurer          Tim Hickman  

   At Large            Joyce Minatra- to be released / 



Architectural Chair           Jim Gaskell (temporary)      

   Bruce Summers/Jan Affinito/Jane McCotter/Krina Van Ry/Linda Armagast/Michael Connell


Property Maintenance Chair       David Sigmon

                       Jamie Gaskell/Joyce Ring/Susan Rand/Marcy Jaffe/Suzy Loos/Deb Affinito


Web Admin.                        Tim Hickman/Jim Gaskell        


BoD eMail 

Mailing address:  P.O. Box 71, Green Valley, AZ  85622


Green Valley Townhouse II Association, Inc. is managed by dedicated volunteers from our HOA community who pride themselves in the daily contribution to our collective wellbeing.  By working together we can increase the enjoyment and satisfaction of each of our neighbors while maintaining and improving our property values.


Join the board, serve on a committee or offer suggestions and solutions to issues or problems you observe.