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Look what's been going on at "the Pointe"


Severe Clogging & Backups Possible 

Please read this notice

After listening to the work of the Property Management team, a "bid "of $1,180.00 was awarded Frank Goff.

For more on this project read the minutes to the BOD for May 6th in the "Documents" page

Look what 1 hour of working together can do ...

On a Saturday morning in October 2018, six residents of TH 2 "pulled together' and cleaned the common area.

IMG_2907 copy
IMG_2925 copy
IMG_2924 copy
IMG_2926 copy
IMG_2933 copy
IMG_2934 copy
Lamplight Decoration Contest 202_

The HOA  sponsored a contest that brighten and lighten our neighborhood.


The board will give a $75 first prize and $50 for second prize for a LAMPLIGHT DECORATION CONTEST !!!

First place in the "Lamppost Decoration" contest goes to "name, address".

Second place goes to "names" , "address".


Congratulations !  ... and Happy Holidays!

GVTH II - Community Enrichment Committee

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