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GVTHA II is now a legal entity.  All of the requisite paperwork is complete. A bank account was established Monday March18th with BMO-Harris Bank

Green Valley Branch, 270 West Continental Road

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Please provide Jim Gaskell ( ) your email address and if you prefer to be contacted by snail-mail, please advise of your mailing address.

Green Valley Townhouse II Association, Inc., met  (March 18, 2019at the GVR Las Campanas Center in

The Cottonwood Room 4 – 5:30 pm with over 20 homeowners attending the 1st Annual Meeting.  The newly elected board members are:

Ken Wilson, Victoria Alcorta, Jim Gaskell,

Edna Mae Rewers, Tim Hickman

Two representatives from our THII met with the HOA lawyer on Jan 9 to formalize the new HOA.  This site along with a eBlast will keep you informed on the developments.

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