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Ballots Counted - The "YES" vote won

Green Valley Townhouse II Association, Inc., met  (3/18/19at the GVR Las Campanas Center in

The Cottonwood Room at 4 pm with over 20 homeowners attending the 1st Annual Meeting.  The newly elected board members were:

Ken Wilson, Victoria Alcorta, Jim Gaskell,

Edna Mae Rewers, Tim Hickman

Notes from gathering of residents of GVTH2 following the decision to split GVTH125 - 12/11/2018

The meeting was called to order and pointed out that this was an unofficial meeting/discussion where no binding decisions could be made. 

Suggested agenda items/objectives:

  1. New Name - There was a discussion about the selection of the Henderson Group to handle the paperwork to create the split and the costs and who they would represent.   A straw poll was taken and it was unanimously agreed to go with the name Green Valley Townhouse Association II for now with the option to change it in the future. Meeting with the Attorney is scheduled for Jan 9, 2019.

  2. By-Laws –­­­­ revisions may be required, i.e. number of board members. Consider legal requirements and what makes sense for us. Tabled for now. Think about it.

    A question was raised as to feasibility of part-time residents on the board. It should be workable with teleconferencing tools. Also depends on whether we have summer meetings or not.

    What about the website? It shouldn’t be difficult or more costly to have our own. A plan is in the works. We will implement e-blast capability to get the word out to everyone when needed.  The process of gathering all the TH2 e-mail addresses is on going. Members that do not have emails should notify the new Board asap.  Please visit our work in progress ( ).

     Financial Records – Since we will be losing our current Treasurer to TH1, we will need a new Treasurer and a program for recordkeeping. Rose West, the former Accountant for TH 125, has been contacted by one of the old board member (not from GVTH II) and has provided an estimate of fees and time required. She also used to handle all closings for GVTH125. It is possible to offload this task to homeowners? Discussion about pros and cons of a paid Accountant vs a volunteer board member or homeowner, closing responsibilities, liens, compliance with CC&R’s, property values, etc. 

    Suggestion: Keep it simple, be wary of outside professional help. Use by-laws for this. Also, the need for a contingency ( reserve )  fund for unexpected expenses. We will only have a little over a third of the total account balance of TH125 after the split. 

    Transparency was recommended.

    Discussed meeting schedules, website and e-mail information dissemination.

    Need for volunteerism to get things done around the neighborhood. Ex: weed-pulling in common area near Esperanza.

    (At this point the agenda items kind of merged together.)

    A question was raised regarding numbers of full-time residents, part-time, and renters.

    Precise numbers are unknown, but we will try to determine for the new database.

    E-mail addresses are being collected to set up our e-mail “blast” capability and a this time they will be only used in Bcc advisories.

    Question: Are we willing to get together periodically for casual meetings like this (and parties)?

    Majority said Yes.

    Approximately 32 residents in attendance.

    Names omitted because I do not know everyone yet. 

    Posted by Jim Gaskell

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